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City Breaks
Spain has much to offer. Discover the most popular Spanish cities and enjoy the cultural variety each one has to offer. Dinsel Travel in Spain offers a wide range of hotels. On request we will gladly send you a proposal according to your budget.

Meetings & Incentives
People are the most important asset of a company. Travel and incentive activities require great care to make our clients feel special. As the customization of each event is essential, meeting our customer makes us more efficient. We listen and make suggestions; we want to ensure the incentive trip is always a memorable one.

Our team is dedicated to organizing trips throughout Spain. Different tours throughout the country can be personalized according to the needs of each client e.g. historic, gourmet cuisine, scenic, incentive, religious, sports, luxury, or shopping. We have extensive experience with tours and you would always be accompanied by experienced, official guides.

We can arrange all kinds of relocation and assistance throughout Spain; our drivers and guides are multilingual.

Architecture & Culture
If you have customers who love Spanish architecture, Dinsel Travel is able to arrange customized tours with official guides who are specialists in this area and have extensive knowledge of Spanish art and culture.

Activities & Sports
Spain is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. Major sporting events are held here, such as football, basketball and Formula One racing; also concerts and other activities. In all cases we can arrange accommodation, transportation and tickets.

Groups of Students
Barcelona, Andalusia, Madrid, Cantabria, Basque Country, Asturias, Canary Islands, Galicia, Valencia, Castilla-La Mancha, and Castile and León. Spain caters for a lot of European students. Cultural, study visits and sports activities, all reasonably priced, make Spain one of the best options available.

If for you traveling and shopping pleasures are inseparable, Spain is your perfect destination. Barcelona and Madrid, our major cities, are the most visited and the most well-known beyond our borders. In Barcelona you will find the "Barcelona Shopping Line" full of luxury boutiques and all kinds of shops. The equivalent in Madrid is a route called “The Golden Mile". Both have extensive business hours. We can organize your shopping trip in the city of your choice.

We know that for an event to be a success we need to cover five basic foundations: Product presentation, guest experience, effort, attention to detail and, we consider most important of all, delight.

If your purpose is to travel to Spain for sporting, musical or cultural events, we will arrange everything you might need during your stay—from airport transfers to the hotel that best suits your needs to acquiring your tickets.
Parties and Europa Champions League, world championship motorcycle racing, Formula One racing, and golf, tennis or basketball competitions. For any of these, as well as concerts or cultural and religious events such as the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James), we offer our services with satisfaction guaranteed.

No less important are some of Spain’s famous festivals: Pamplona’s Fiesta de San Fermin, (the running of the bulls); Las Fallas (Valencia’s biggest festival); or the Carnival of Cadiz and Tenerife.

We will effectively organize and conduct your entire stay during the celebration of any event in our country–you can contact us to find out about each of them.

For this kind of service we take into account the personal needs of the lecturers, the technical facilities of the rooms, the number of attendees and their seating. We consider the purpose of the conference and make every effort to ensure a successful event.

If you want a luxurious holiday in Spain, the possibilities that we offer are as broad as your imagination. We have the means and the most current and sophisticated services to offer any luxury travel experience in Spain.

Our goal is to create high satisfaction for our clients. Spain has a privileged natural environment endowed with natural wonders—e.g. you can experience mountain biking in Montseny, hiking, and whitewater rafting in some of our rivers. Our team offers flexible programs for groups of four or more with the best official guides in this field.

Food & Wine
Spain offers a great variety of foods in several distinctive styles due to its history, culture and climate. It is a paradise for lovers of all kinds of seafood. The cod, octopus, shrimp and a wide selection of fish are of extraordinary quality. Each region of Spain has its own special dishes which are made with local ingredients.


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