He who never leaves his country is full of prejudices. (Carlo Goldoni)


Sun and sand are inseparable to enjoy a bright and happy holiday. Thousands of tourists travel to Spain each year in search of its warm shores, which have become some of the top, most-requested destinations. Add to this magnificent cuisine and excellent hotels, cozy towns and cities, many with traditional feasts, and a great atmosphere.
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Museums and Monuments

Spain has more than 1,500 museums from those famous worldwide to others less known, but of great cultural interest.  The majority of visitors to the Prado Museum in Madrid say that this museum and its works made their stay in Madrid worthwhile; one of the best museums in the world without a doubt.
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Food and Wine

Spanish cuisine has positioned itself as one of the best in the world. In haute cuisine we boast three restaurants in the list of the top ten worldwide, including the number one in 2013: El Celler de Can Roca (Girona)..
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If for you traveling and shopping pleasures are inseparable, Spain is your perfect destination. Barcelona and Madrid, our major cities, are the most visited and the most well-known beyond our borders.
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Adventure Tours, Activities and Sports

In Spain, due to its geographical and environmental characteristics, you can practice your favorite sport or activity in a unique setting; horseback riding, skiing, biking, ballooning, parachuting, 4 x 4, hang gliding, canyoneering, paragliding, and many other possibilities, all with expert instructors and qualified guides using approved materials.
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Business Travel

The success of a company depends on factors such as the professional development and personal motivation of each member within that organization, from top to bottom; the company’s image within or outside their region, state or country; accurate management; high productivity; efficient services; and ability to meet objectives. These values are applicable to all companies from large multinationals to more modest businesses. In this, we at Dinsel Travel are no different to you.
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Health and Relaxation

For those who are looking for a holiday of relaxation and rest (which is synonymous with health) or during your stay want to take time out to relax, Spain has specialized centers in most destinations. We want our holidays to enable you to take a complete break from everything, to experience different cultures, other philosophies of life, aromas from another country; apart from leisure, time devoted to indulge and pamper you, so that your trip will be both refreshing and revitalizing.
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Events and Promotions

The event you imagined, that special presentation, your company's year-end celebration—all are important moments. They are key events where we employ the required people so that everything goes well. Dinsel Travel is involved in your business projects; we care about results. A polished work, with emphasis on organization and flexibility; we work side by side with you in any negotiations. We try, above all else, to serve people with warmth and friendliness, meeting your requests. Our goal is to work together to achieve success.   ...more information


If you want a luxurious holiday in Spain, the possibilities that we offer are as broad as your imagination. We have the means and the most current and sophisticated services. From hotels, villas, apartments, mansions, and castles with a golf course, with utmost luxury and comfort, to a wide range of VIP services such as private jet transfers, an island just for you and your group, traveling in a chauffeur-driven car to the most luxurious and exclusive shops accompanied by a "personal shopper".
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