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The event you imagined, that special presentation, your company's year-end celebration—all are important moments. They are key events where we employ the required people so that everything goes well. Dinsel Travel is involved in your business projects; we care about results. A polished work, with emphasis on organization and flexibility; we work side by side with you in any negotiations. We try, above all else, to serve people with warmth and friendliness, meeting your requests. Our goal is to work together to achieve success.

We take care of all logistical and organizational aspects necessary to make your event a success. Venue location, accommodation, transport, catering, etc. Nothing will be missed.

National or international traveling, for one or more days—the only requirement we have is a clearly defined objective and from there our team will work for your company.

We listen to your instructions, your preferences and your company philosophy. Let us work with you to create an event that meets your requirements. Clear and common objectives will be our primary goal and together we will assess all options.

We work alongside you. We will assess all aspects and optimize spaces and budgets. We are not afraid of hard work—we familiarise ourselves with your plans, movements and changes, and readily adapt as required.

Our spirit runs through the whole team, everyone is involved in your event. We are conscientious and have an eye for detail. Your event will be developed as agreed. We take care of everything, including security, so your guests or participants are in good hands.

We provide clear budgets. We are aware that there are many details to take care of, not just speaking fees, but guest lists, menus, equipment, etc. Organization and clarity is required in all areas. We make sure nothing is missed and ensure a quick and easy resolution to all queries.

We arrange for preparation of convention rooms to suit presentations with audio visual equipment, as well as planning reasonable accommodation for participants, catering for breaks, personal care, hotels, restaurants, etc.

We know that for an event to be a success we need to cover five basic foundations: Product presentation, guest experience, effort, attention to detail and, we consider most important of all, delight.

If your purpose is to travel to Spain for sporting, musical or cultural events, we will arrange everything you might need during your stay—from airport transfers to the hotel that best suits your needs to acquiring your tickets.

Parties and Europa Champions League, world championship motorcycle racing, Formula One racing, and golf, tennis or basketball competitions. For any of these, as well as concerts or cultural and religious events such as the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James), we offer our services with satisfaction guaranteed.

No less important are some of Spain’s famous festivals: Pamplona’s Fiesta de San Fermin, (the running of the bulls); Las Fallas (Valencia’s biggest festival); or the Carnival of Cadiz and Tenerife.

We will effectively organize and conduct your entire stay during the celebration of any event in our country–you can contact us to find out about each of them.

We excel in this field by organizing meetings that maximize time, increase commitment, strengthen confidence, encourage initiative, improve relationships, achieve goals more easily, and eventually also improve the ability to respond to the challenges of the present and the future.

For this kind of service we take into account the personal needs of the lecturers, the technical facilities of the rooms, the number of attendees and their seating. We consider the purpose of the conference and make every effort to ensure a successful event.


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